What Are the Online Nursing Education Prerequisites in North Dakota?

Nursing educators must achieve and acquire a set of mandatory formal steps. Firstly you must have a relevant accredited undergraduate degree. This can be either an ADN or BSN. Then you need a Registered Nursing license followed by a master's degree in nursing (MSN) or doctorate (Ph.D., DNP, EdD). Your MSN could be specifically in education or a standard nursing MSN with an education pathway.

Online RN to MSN Nurse Educator Programs

North Dakota has a small number of Nurse Educator programs, and most are available online, such as the one at North Dakota State University. Students will learn diagnostics and treatment, procedure, law and ethics, and assessment.

Entry requirements are:

  • Accredited Associate's Degree
  • Unencumbered RN license which is in date
  • Criminal background check
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Non-native English speakers must demonstrate relevant language proficiency

Online BSN to MSN Nurse Educator Programs

North Dakota has a small number of BSN to MSN Nurse Educator programs with an online option, such as the University of North Dakota's MSN program. Students learn health assessment, care management, facilitated learning and innovations in teaching. Entry requirements are typically these:

  • A regionally accredited BSN
  • Unencumbered in-date RN license
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • There may be specified courses required for entry with stipulated minimum grades
  • Non-native English speakers must submit relevant language proficiency test scores

Online Doctorate Nurse Educator Programs: DNP, Ph.D., or Ed.D.

The admission requirements for entering a doctorate program in nursing education are similar to the requirements for other nursing education programs but you will be required to hold a higher degree (MSN).

There are three doctorate programs for nursing education. The first is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), which is a degree reserved for practicing doctors. There are a few DNP programs available online, including at the University of North Dakota.

The second is a Doctor of Nursing Philosophy (PhD). This degree is typically for those working toward a career in nursing research. The University of North Dakota also offers a great program for this specific degree.

Some universities in some states offer online Doctor of Education (EdD) for nurse educators, however there are none available in North Dakota.

Nurse Educator Licensing and Certification in North Dakota

Nursing educators in North Dakota are required to continue to maintain all standards which means they can keep their nursing license for the duration even if no practice nursing is intended.

Consider applying to become a Certified NurseEducator (CNE) too. While it is optional, your career prospects are generally better. Three types are available:

  • CNE: This certification is for academic professionals
  • CNEcl: This certification is for trainers of professional clinicians
  • CNEn: This certification is for novices defined as any of the above two types with less than three years of experience

As with licensing, certification also has a minimum eligibility criteria list to remain certified.

RN licensing in North Dakota is $145 for the application and $200 for the official exam with a further $41.25 for fingerprints; renewal is $140. CNE costs the same regardless of your state: $400 for NLN members and $500 for non-members.

Who Hires Nurse Educators in North Dakota?

Your career options once you've completed all the above-required steps are as follows:

  • Academia: Teaching students in higher education establishments – teaching at high school, and undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Professional instructing: Teaching medical professionals mandatory upskilling or training in new technologies or procedure
  • Private training: You may teach medical professionals, but you will typically teach support staff in medical adjacent training (like sales)
  • Charity: Teaching non-profit employees or medical professional volunteers or medical adjacent. Also, for outreach to grantmaking
  • Public health: Typically you will engage with the general public in helping them understand their health rights or needs, or with interest groups

List of Nurse Educator Degree Programs in North Dakota

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