What Are the Online Nursing Education Prerequisites in Montana?

If you wish to switch your career to nursing education in Montana, you will need to fulfill some educational and licensing steps. Firstly you'll need an undergraduate degree (BSN or ADN) and an RN license. You likely already have these as a practice nurse. The next step is a master of science in nursing, either dedicated to nursing or a standard MSN with a nursing path.

Nurse Educator Licensing and Certification in Montana

Professional nursing educators in Montana must maintain all required standards for their Registered Nursing license. This is true even if you intend to pursue education as a full-time career.

You should also consider certification. Though not mandatory, it will help your career if you do. You will find three types:

  • The first type is a CNE. This is for academic educators and may involve research and other academic responsibilities
  • The second is a CNEcl. This is for educators who teach clinical professionals for mandatory ongoing training
  • The third is a CNEn. This is for novices of the other two types – specifically those with less than three years of experience

Certification requires holders to maintain a list of criteria to remain eligible.

RN licensing in Montana is $100 for the application and $200 for the examination. License by endorsement is a $200 application fee and renewals for all applicants are $100. CNEis one cost regardless of state: $400 for NLN members and $500 for non-members.

Who Hires Nurse Educators in Montana?

What are your career options with this qualification and certification?

  • Academia: Working in our colleges and universities teaching students, both undergraduate and graduate students. May include research responsibilities
  • Professional education: Working from clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities responsible for the ongoing training of medical professionals. This may include practice work
  • Private trainer: You will be hired on a contract basis to provide training to medical professionals and support staff in their educational needs
  • Charity trainer: A wide range of career paths including training aid workers and support staff, the general public, advocates, and direct public health campaigns

List of Nurse Educator Degree Programs in Montana

Ready to find an online or campus-based nurse educator degree program in Montana? Explore our listings to find the perfect program that matches your academic goals and career aspirations.

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